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Spera makes use of Zero-Coupon Bonds (ZCBs or Bonds). Our implementation is on a three month or six month period. Any client may purchase Bonds from us in increments of $25 million. The reason we allow such low Bond values is that we cater to smaller nations, so our overall needs are lower.

Bond Rates and Availability

  • Any bond sold with a three-month maturity will receive 115% of the Bond's face value at its date of maturity, which comes out to an interest of 1.25% weekly.
  • Any bond sold with a six-month maturity will receive 160% of the Bond's face value at its date of maturity, which comes out to an interest of 2.5% weekly.

The Fine Print

  1. To simplify the process, we only permit individual nations to purchase bonds at this time. An alliance, organisation, or cabal may select a single individual to function as a straw buyer. We will only make the payment directly to that nation, and if that nation is deleted or banned from Orbis, we will not pay the bond out to another party.
  2. We will not record any transfer of the bond to a new holder. If the bond's holder wishes to sell their bond to a third party, they are solely responsible for ensuring that the third party is paid the sum due to them. Our contract is with the original bondholder and is not transferable by them.
  3. Spera reserves the right to transfer or sell our obligation to the bond's holder. Any transfer on our part does not constitute permission for the bond's holder to transfer theirs. In such an event, we will notify the bond's holder of the terms of the transfer.