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This document will serve to record all of the Board of Directors' voting record.

1st Quarter 2020

  1. 16 March: "Vote #837462: Hello Board Members, We are voting on Opening a new bank and closing existing ones. Subject: I propose selling WBB and Crystal and converting the loans there to a new bank Versailles Banking which would be a mega bank. This would allow us to only do work at one server. Aswell as direct funds to one place instead of many banks. It also deals with staffing problems. It allows us to better manage the banks. " [PASS]
  2. 17 March: "I would like to propose a change in the charter! Minimum share amount must be 2,500,000. The minimum amount bought from shareholders also needs to be 2,500,000. This will keep people from buying 10 shares" [FAIL]
  3. 18 March: "I have been made aware that there are misgivings about Versailles, so I am motioning the board for an emergency vote to suspend and set aside the previous vote. I had a discussion with Presidential where we are looking for alternative avenues." [PASS]
  4. 19 March: "I would like to propose that we invest $200,000,000 (200m) in Spera Bank. We would be purchasing a bond that will give us $320m in 6 months time. (This is pretty straightforward)" [PASS]
  5. 19 March: "I would like to propose that we invest $500,000,000 (500m) in Wolfe & Borg. For more information on this, please refer to #board-room" [PASS]
  6. 19 March: "In light of War Hawk creating a vacancy, do we need to fill it? The accepted interpretation of the seat debacle Forest accidentally created is that I was elected as a temporary expansion of the Board beyond its normal limits, and the temporary expansion was created as a short term amendment with an expiration date. Since War Hawk is no longer on the board, I'm fine with saying that the board has simply snapped back to its intended size of 7." [PASS]
  7. 21 March: "I would like to propose we invest $50,000,000 in an investment account with the Bank of Rohan. Investments are capped at $50M, and we would be investing in a bond to receive 4% interest each week. Our money would be tied up for 3 months." [PASS]
  8. 22 March: "I would like to propose that we set dividends, for this term, at 16 cents per share ($80,000,000) (representing about half of our profits this cycle). GI would keep the remaining 85m for future growth" [PASS]

2nd Quarter 2020

3rd Quarter 2020

4th Quarter 2020