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Grove Leadership Board of Directors Charter Companies
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Section 1: Introduction

  1. What is Grove Investments? Grove Investment is a company that strives to become a better company, make a better Orbis, and make each person a better person. Grove Investments is the corporate headquarters for all Grove investment property/assets. Grove Investments believes strongly in Investments as well
  2. What is the purpose of the charter? The corporate charter of Grove Investments is designed to be the organizing back-bone of Grove Investments. As well as inform clients and investors of our way of operating.

Section II: Investments

1. Any person, alliance or business that operates in Politics and War ( https://politicsandwar.com ) is permitted to invest in grove businesses

2. Types of Investments

a. Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds - When investing in Grove hedge funds, Orbis economic professionals invest your funds in a variety of businesses and investment opportunities across Orbis. The Hedge fund rules are as follows:

  1. Hedge Funds have a minimum investment of $2,000,000
  2. Hedge Funds have a three week maturity time, meaning you can not withdraw your hedge funds for three weeks.
  3. Grove Investments gets 12% of total profits (cash you invested - value after withdrawn)
  4. You are guaranteed no losses - if shares go down then Grove will buy them at the same price we acquired them on your behalf
b. Shares
  1. Shares - You can directly buy a part of Grove Investments by purchasing shares, when purchasing shares you actually own a part of Grove Investments and have the opportunity to vote on resolutions and serve on the board of directors.
  2. There is a total of 500,000,000 shares in existence
  3. When buying shares from Grove, the cost per share is $4.00
  4. The minimum amount of shares you can buy from Grove is 2,500,000
  5. There is no limit on how many shares you can buy from other investors
  6. Investors may not sell their shares until 75% (375,000,000) shares that were company owned have been sold.
  7. When selling your shares you must log your transaction in #share-receipts of the Grove Investments server and pinging @executive, @Lord Vader or @Forest.
c. Subsidiary Shares

Subsidiary Shares - Some of Grove’s companies may sell shares independent of corporate shares, please see the respective business administration for further information.

d. Bonds

Bonds - Grove’s banks generally offer bonds, further information can be requested from the bank administration.

Section III: Board of Directors and Voting


1. The board of directors is the shareholders voice in the company they are responsible for the following: a. The election, appointment, removal, termination, reinstatement and regulation of all corporate officers. n. Reviewing corporate assets and working with the Chief Financial Officer to plan and approve corporate budgets. c. Working with the Chief Operations Officer to ensure efficient and successful operation of all businesses. d. Oversee the acquisition and sale of Grove assets, including businesses and intellectual rights.


2. The board of directors is granted the following powers: a. To approve/deny a corporate budget (Once every quarter) b. To remove or appoint a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and/or Chief Operations Officer. (Once per positions per quarter if deemed necessary) c. To approve/deny the merger or acquisition of assets. d. To approve/deny the sale of any assets.

Size & Scope

3. The board of directors consists of seven (7) members all appointed by the shareholders, board representatives must be nominated for the position by a shareholder other than themselves. If you sell your shares your position on the board is immediately terminated. A new board election is held every quarter and there is no limit on how long you serve on the board. The members of the board will then select a board director who will preside over all meetings.


4. Voting - All shareholders are able to vote on major changes (with day-to-day operations managed by the board) a. Shareholders do not have the ability to appoint or remove a corporate officer b. Shareholders do not have the ability to authorize the sale or merger of Grove assets. c. Shareholders hold the exclusive power to amend the charter with a 2/3s majority vote. d. 1 share = 1 vote

Section IV: Officers

Under the board of directors serves five officers who manage and grow the company, they are as follows:

  1. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the overall management of the company, its assets, and its employees.
  2. The Chief Operations Officer is the second in command of Grove, the COOs primary job is to manage staffing. The COO is also responsible for overseeing shareholders, dividends, the charter and all corporate documents. The Chief Operations Officer is the next-in-line in case executive decision is needed but the CEO is not available.
  3. The Chief Financial Officer holds the responsibility of presenting a quarterly budget and audit to the board of directors.
  4. The Chief Marketing Officer holds the responsibility of organizing marketing campaigns as well as anything dealing with the company marketing plan.
  5. Chief Customer Officer CCO, Responsible for customer relationship management.

Section V: Dividends

Dividends are equal to 30% of Grove’s income divided by shares. Dividends are paid once a quarter.

Section VI Ratification

This charter is hereby the governing document of Grove Investments and is signed by the first board of directors: Penned by: Forest Status: Ratified